An all-ceramics dental crown in just one visit? No temporal crown, no second appointment in a week or more? Our CEREC system is up to the task. We use CEREC (Chairside CERamic REConstruction) to create affordable high quality crowns for posterior teeth. For anterior teeth, we still recommend laboratory made crowns.

Their manually applied multi-layer glaze gives lab-made anterior teeth reconstructions a completely natural translucence. On looking closely, this aesthetic advantage is clearly noticeable. CEREC reconstructions are designed by the computer according to a digital imprint (a three dimensional optical scan of the tooth), adjusted and optimized by the dentist at the monitor and fabricated within minutes from a block of ceramics by a computer controlled milling machine. After a glaze firing and a manual polish the new crown is ready to be tried on, corrected for optimal fit if necessary, and bonded to the tooth. Ideally, getting you a new tooth with CEREC takes not much more than one hour. That means the numbing shot that we gave you for the preparation of the tooth is usually enough for the entire procedure.

You can get further Informations about the costs of an instant dental crown in our download section(german only) or directly in our Practice in 1010 Vienna.

There is one thing that might interfere with this time plan a little, though. Before we can create the digital scans with the intraoral camera, we have to wait for all the residual bleeding of your gums to stop completely. Little injuries to the gingiva during tooth preparation are quite normal: To ensure a tight fit of the crown, we have to prepare the tooth very carefully down to the gum line. There is always a little bleeding, and sometimes this bleeding continues for some time. If your gums ae not calmed down easily, we recommend continuing the procedure on the next day. Time-pressured patients have another option: We may also create a traditional imprint with the impression spoon (bleeding gums being no problem here).

We can later make a model of your tooth from the imprint, scan that and mill the crown. You will still have to return on the next day, but we can start right away with the fitting of the crown. However, please be advised that there is some loss of precision when scanning from the tooth model as opposed to the actual tooth. Thus, you’re giving up one of the benefits of CEREC technology.


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