Patients suffering from dental fear or phobia face particular challenges. We respect your situation and will do everything within our power to enable you to have the professional dental treatment you need and want. Please alert us to your situation right away when scheduling the appointment – we will make time for an extended consultation and find out what we can do to help you most efficiently.

Causes and consequences of dental fear

Bad (childhood?) experiences with a dentist, an increased sensitivity to pain, strong discomfort with the invasion of one’s personal space by a quasi-stranger, or “just” unease at the thought of the incomprehensible manipulations that one might be subjected to in the dentist’s chair – there are many possible (and quite understandable) reasons for dental fear, and many people face it in a more or less pronounced form.

If dental fear prevents you from taking good care of your teeth and seeking necessary treatment, there may (and mostly will) be serious consequences for dental and even general health. Tooth decay and periodontal disease are not known to heal spontaneously, unfortunately – and you know that quite well… Take the first step and talk to us!

Patients with dental fear, Dentist Vienna

You can get further Informations about the costs of a treatment in our download section(german only) or directly in our Practice in 1010 Vienna.

Well informed, painfree, relaxed: How we can help you

We can address many of your problems. The fear of not knowing what happens in the dentist’s chair is met by explanations in a well comprehensible style – prior to and during treatment. It is very important to us that you understand the how and why of the procedures we are performing. And we would like you to know exactly what it is we are doing and what it is you should be expecting every instant of the treatment.

Nobody needs to suffer pain at the MeinZahn office: According to your needs, we will treat you under local anaesthesia, several stages of sedation (inhalation, oral or IV) or general anaesthesia. In addition to the anaesthesia, we can help you relax so the treatment will be less stressful for you. Options include methods of dental hypnosis, anxiolytic pharmaceuticals and the classic laughing gas sedation – widespread in the US, but still somewhat rare in Austria and Germany.

The MeinZahn team welcomes you

Please don’t let your fear keep you from seeking necessary treatment – and neither the feelings of shame you might have on account of your neglected teeth. We are your professional partners in all matters of dental health, and we are definitely not here to judge or condemn you. We are here to help you, and we applaud your courage! From the receptionist to the doctor treating you, you will encounter nothing but understanding and empathy at the MeinZahn office – it’s a promise!

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Patients with Dental Fear, Dentist Vienna

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