Specialisation and collaboration ensure optimum results

You want your dentist to be a specialist in his/her area of expertise. To command up to date, expert knowledge. You expect to receive state-of-the-art treatment with regard to methods and technical equipment. On the other hand, you would like your symptoms to be understood from an holistic perspective – you expect your dental, periodontal or jaw problems to be judged with expertise from all relevant areas of medicine and dental medicine. And right you are.

Our knowledge in the areas of dental and oral medicine has exploded in the course of the last two decades. Conservative dentistry, pediatric dentistry, periodontology, endodontics, dental prosthetics, orthodontics, oral and facial surgery – a dentist willing to keep up with the progress in all these disciplines certainly has a lot of reading and attending of workshops and conferences to do. Continuing education is indispensable, no doubt. But you will agree that it is not the only, and not even the main task of a practicing dentist: First and foremost, we want to focus on treating our patients. This is why we believe that a modern dental practice striving for uncompromising quality of treatment must find a compromise between modern specialisation and the general perspective of the “old-fashioned” family dentist that transcends the narrow view of the specialist.

At MeinZahn, we achieve this compromise by bringing together well-versed specialists for each of the mentioned fields. You will profit from our superior professional credentials in a broad spectrum of disciplines – and the seemless cooperation among the members of our team will ensure a holistic perspective for both diagnostics and treatment. No referrals to outside specialist clinics, no duplicate diagnostics, no communication failures.

All MeinZahn specialists are members of their field’s professional societies that are united under the roof of the German Society for Dental and Oral Medicine (DGZMK).

We treat in strict accordance with the society’s published treatment guidelines that reflect the current state-of-the-art in every discipline of dental and oral medical science.The quality of diagnostics and therapy at MeinZahn further benefits from our excellent technical equipment: Our digital 3D X-ray machine, Zeiss surgical microscope and CEREC system represent dental medicine on it’s highest level of technical expertise. We respect your time and work on an appointment-only basis (with our 24/7 emergency service being the obvious exception). Daily, we make a conscious effort to keep our schedule, see and treat our patients in a timely fashion – but without any rush, with enough time for your questions and concerns. In addition to all the modern technical intricacies and scientific refinements, we also value the “oldfashioned” ideas of communication, cordiality and service. Make an appointment at our office and see for yourself!