The American endodontologist Prof. Dr. Syngcuk Kim, one of the pioneering influences on modern microscopic dentistry, summarized it in a nutshell: “We can only treat what we can see.”

Much is hidden from the naked eye

In dentistry, the dimensions of the objects of our interest put a tight limit on what we can perceive with the unarmed eye. The winding, branched network of tiny root canals inside a tooth, narrow fissures in the occlusal surfaces of the molars, bacterial residue deep inside the gingival pockets – without surgical magnifying glasses or microscope, your dentist is reduced to merely guessing about these things instead of truly seeing them. Dentists using the surgical microscope for the first time, are amazed by this new possibility to visualize outer and inner structures of the teeth – and shocked about the many details they simply didn’t see before.


Indispensible in modern endodontics

In endodontics – the field of root treatments – the surgical microscope has quickly become a vital tool. Better visualization, as it is granted by the magnification as well as by the optimal shadow-free illumination of the tooth structures, has vastly improved success rates of root canal treatments in the last two decades.

Further, the surgical microscope has brought an unprecedented accuracy to the treatment of deep caries lesions that reach near the dental nerve, to the repair of hairline dental fractures and to many surgical procedures involving teeth and gingiva (root tip resections, periodontitis therapy, implant placements).


A picture is worth a thousand words

You as a MeinZahn patient will benefit in many ways from the therapeutic and aesthetic successes made possible by the Zeiss Surgical microscope with 25-fold magnification and shadowless Xenon illumination. The mproved results of dental procedures from root canal to oral surgery will convince you, and there’s something in it for you during the procedure as well: Thanks to the instrument’s integrated camera we are able to keep you in the loop, showing you precisely what’s happening inside your mouth at every moment.