Sometimes a tooth only needs a new crown while its root is still in working order. Sometimes we must replace one or several missing teeth. And sometimes we have to fix aesthetics and functionality of a completely or almost toothless jaw. Whatever the challenge – modern dentistry has a solution for every problem.

Here, you’ll find extensive information about these solutions. We will introduce and explain all possibilities to close small to medium-sized gaps in your dental arch with fixed restorations (crown and bridges), and elaborate on how removable partial or complete dentures may restore a satisfying look and comfortable chewing and talking capability for patients with larger and large gaps in their teeth rows.

The topic of dental restorations has several overlaps with the topic of implants: Implants are an interesting alternative to a bridge, saving the neighboring teeth from sacrificing their healthy crowns to become abutment teeth. In addition to that, an implant may also serve as an anchor for a bridge if no natural teeth are present to perform that function. And finally, a small number of strategically placed implants may lend much better support to a denture than the “naked” arch.

You can get further Informations about the costs of a dental restoration in our download section(german only) or directly in our Practice in 1010 Vienna.

Dental Restorations – Removeable dentures

Partial dentures are removable dental prostheses. They are an option when not enough teeth are left to allow for a stable bridge…

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Crowns and bridges

Single crowns are the dental restorations of choice for teeth that possess at least one root that is worth preserving, but have extensively…

Kronen und Brücken Zahnarzt Wien

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Dental implants

Not very long ago, a bridge was the only possibility to close a gap of one, two or three missing teeth in a row. That involved sacrificing the crowns of…

Dental Implants Dentist Vienna

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Dental advice – Implant care

Gum inflammations around implants are dangerous. Sensitivity towards acids – the only weak point of our otherwise perfectly robust natural tooth substance and the reason…

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