At MeinZahn, we offer our patients all the services of a modern dental office. All the benefits of aesthetic dentistry. All the possibilities of modern oral surgery. Every service of an up-to-date orthodontist. And the advantages of an old fashioned family dentist. All under one roof.

Family dentist and qualified specialist

At MeinZahn, we take good care of your teeth, gums and jaws. Prophylactic treatments, caries removal, aesthetic corrections, dental reconstructions, implants, periodontitis therapy, root canals: Whatever you require, you will be treated by a specialist. Because our friendly, empathetic dental professionals are just that: highly qualified specialists – each in his or her own field.


We take great pride in serving every patient well – and that includes patients with strong anxieties. Elements of dental hypnosis, laughing gas, local anaesthetics or general anaesthesia: We will be happy to offer you a broad spectrum of methods that help make your dental appointment painfree and relaxed. Whether curious or apprehensive, small patients are very welcome at MeinZahn, too. Dentist Ingrida Mischitz and dental hygienist Izabella Manugiewicz – both known for their friendly, attentive and patient manner – will make your offspring feel right at home in our office.

Modern eqipment and well-tried classics

We simply can’t get enough of modern dental equipment. CEREC, digital 3D x-ray, intraoral camera, Zeiss surgical microscope, digitalized accounting: Count us in! Thanks to our CEREC system, we can fabricate inlays, crowns and short bridges here in the office and insert them right away. Reconstructions for anterior teeth, long bridges, dentures and orthodontic devices for MeinZahn patients are manufactured in cooperation with a reliable, highly professional dental lab in Vienna. For optimum results, we perform root canal treatments and surgical procedures with the surgical microscope. Time-tested classics are honored at MeinZahn, too. Not every dentist uses the Kofferdam membrane to improve the outcome of endodontic treatments as well as during the placing of composite fillings – we do!

Service beyond the dentist’s chair

Patients visiting us from abroad to benefit from our cost-efficient and highly professional services may count on our help with organizing their stay in Vienna. Insurance trouble? A necessary or desired treatment would uncomfortably stretch your budget? Ask us about attractive financing offers by our partner!

Pain management

Each of ouf teeth has its own extremely sensitive nerve fibre. If irritated, those nerves can become the source of very unpleasant pain sensations. Hardly anybody can live with toothaches – and you shouldn’t try it, either. Dental pain is

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Patients with dental fear

Patients suffering from dental fear or phobia face particular challenges. We respect your situation and will do everything within our power to enable you to have the professional dental treatment you need and want.

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Oral Hygiene

Next to dental care at home, professional oral hygiene is another mainstay of oral health care. Nobody intent on preventing caries and periodontitis, keeping teeth and gums healthy for a long time and preserving the aesthetics of their

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Aesthetic dental medicine

Unlike the outcomes of many other medical procedures, the results of dental medicine are always right on display: When smiling or talking, patients want to be able to keep showing their teeth – or be able to again show them!

Aesthetic dental medicine dentist Vienna

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Dental fillings

Dental fillings (so-called direct restorations) are made of soft materials that harden (or are actively cured) only after they are introduced into the prepared cavity and brought into their final form.

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Veneers are wafer-thin ceramic shells that are bonded to the front sides of teeth – a simple yet effective and also quite durable way to perform some aesthetic corrections in the anterior…

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Ceramic inlays

Inlays are a type of dental restoration: solid inserts that are used to fill larger cavities in the posterior toot region. They are fabricated outside the mouth with the help of an impression…

Ceramic Inlays Dentist Vienna

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The original color of our teeth is something we are born with. Also, even the most careful dental care can’t keep teeth from becoming a little discolored in the course of a lifetime. Dental enamel…

Bleaching Dentist Vienna

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We are particularly happy to be able to offer you since May 2015 one of the truly groundbreaking modern dental technologies: With our new CEREC-System, we can now…

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Instant dental crown

An all-ceramics dental crown in just one visit? No temporal crown, no second appointment in a week or more? Our CEREC system is up to the task. We use CEREC…

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Instant dental bridge

How about an all-ceramics bridge that you don’t have to wait for? That can be inserted right after preparing the abutment teeth, in one setting with no extra appointments?…

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Instant dental inlay

A solid ceramic inlay has always been a high quality, lasting alternative to dental fillings for larger defects in the posterior region. However, an inlay used to be a….

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Dental implants

Not very long ago, a bridge was the only possibility to close a gap of one, two or three missing teeth in a row. That involved sacrificing the crowns of neighboring teeth so they could serve as abutment teeth for the bridge.

Dental Implants Dentist Vienna

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Oral Surgery

The field of oral surgery is expertly “cultivated” by MeinZahn team member Dr. Dr. Ulrich Arhold, doctor of medicine and dental medicine. Dr. Dr. Arhold performs all surgical procedures: tooth and wisdom tooth extractions, root tip resections

Oral Surgery Dentist Vienna

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Pediatric dentist

The importance of the primary teeth for the development of healthy, functional permanent teeth can hardly be overestimated. Baby teeth are much more than just “throw away” placeholders. Their premature loss can fundamentally

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Orthodontic therapy happens in close collaboration with dental medicine and oral surgery. To make this cooperation more straightforward, we have united practitioners of the three fields under one roof at the MeinZahn

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Crowns and bridges

Single crowns are the dental restorations of choice for teeth that possess at least one root that is worth preserving, but have extensively damaged crowns that exclude the possibility of restoring


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Dental Restorations

Partial dentures are removable dental prostheses. They are an option when not enough teeth are left to allow for a stable bridge solution. This tends to be the case when seven or more of…

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Dental advice – Implant care

Gum inflammations around implants are dangerous. Sensitivity towards acids – the only weak point of our otherwise perfectly robust natural tooth substance and the reason why…

Implantate Zahnarzt Wien

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Proper oral hygiene

Dental medicine is a living, moving field of science, progressing ever further on the road to knowledge – and consequently, oral hygiene protocols and habits a dental professional would have …

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Root canal treatments

Endodontic therapy treats diseases of the tissue inside the root canals (the dental pulp) and around the root tip. Since the dental pulp contains nerves and blood vessels, such diseases are a) potentially

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Dental Financing

Modern dentistry offers phantastic possibilities to preserve dental health and aesthetics well into old age. Insurance companies, however, are somewhat out of step with this development. In many situations

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Dental tourism

Modern dental medicine comes with a price tag attached … and in different countries, price tags may well be quite different. By placing high value on providing our patients with superior care that is also

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