Regular appointments at the dentist’s office are one thing. Never miss a check-up, professional oral hygiene treatments twice a year – you are definitely on the right path! But still: Your nutritional and daily oral hygiene habits remain the number one influence on the health of your teeth and periodontium. Brush from red to white? Does a lot (of scrubbing) help a lot?

Is twice a day enough? And why in the world do implants need to be brushed, too? In this section, we offer useful advice and answers to these and many other questions centered around home care of teeth and their replacements.

Proper oral hygiene

Dental medicine is a living, moving field of science, progressing ever further on the road to knowledge – and consequently, oral hygiene protocols and habits a dental professional would have recommended…

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Dental advice – Implant care

Gum inflammations around implants are dangerous. Sensitivity towards acids – the only weak point of our otherwise perfectly robust natural tooth substance and the reason…

Dental advise and implant care dentist Vienna

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